Not yet. NOT YET.

The Hong Kong Police firing tear gas at peaceful protesters.
The Hong Kong Police firing tear gas at peaceful protesters.
(Photo: Sam Lee @ UnitedSocialPress 社媒; CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 HK)

Anyone with eyes on Hong Kong has seen enough of the brutality and evilness of the so-called police, and I need not share more of those here. But this, THIS, is really the quote of the day, or of the whole struggle.

“This is still Hong Kong, not China. Not yet. NOT YET."

It sums up everything we are fighting for.

We know we are caught by the unyielding pull of the giant black hole called China, and desperately fighting against it. Have we passed the point of no return? We hope not, not yet.

Perhaps, eventually, we could not escape. And at a certain point, outside observers would only see us at a standstill, our colours fading, turning red, but we inside would know better that we are torn into pieces, never the same. But we are betting on these two words: not yet.

This is all that the brave young men and women on the street are fighting for: not yet.

With all their blood and sweat and tears. Not yet.


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